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ID: 001535
Age 26
Date of birth July 09, 1987
Residence Odessa, Ukraine
Height 172
Weight 50
Hair color Chestnut
Eye color Green
Education Medical degree
Profession Doctor-cosmetologist
English level Intermediate
Zodiak Cancer
Marital status Never married
Children no

I am

I know that to start it is always little difficult. Especially that I know many people will read my profile and words there, but anyway, let us start.)) I would like to say that I like to communicate with people. Moreover, sometimes too much. When a person with whom I talk is quiet, I think that a person feels bore with me.)) I am into different things of life. I can talk with people about all of this life. I like to be around a group of people. In my opinion, it is all because of my big family. We are all 12 people, me, my 3 siblings, mother, father, 4 cats and 2 dogs. As you can see, I am a home person. I like to spend time with my family. We have really good and friendly relationships. In addition, I like to travel. I saw interesting places in Ukraine. I like Bulgaria. I will never forget spent time there. Also, I think that Prague is a great country and people are friendly and nice.)) It was interesting to go out of Ukraine. I enjoyed time there and it was interesting to know different cultures and people too.


. I like to visit different cities and countries. I like to live there and breathe their air. I would like to tell you about my interests and hobbies. I have a very strong and plastic body, because of fitness, gym and gymnastic. In addition, I was a good student at model school. I know many things how to care about myself and be attractive all the time. Plus I know how to protect myself, because I made lessons of self defense. I made it for 1 year and I danced belly dance too. So now, you understood that I am a flexible woman with good appearance and sense of humor. However, my soul is tender and lonely now. I like to sing in my spare time and I like to play fortepiano too. I want to find a good person and become a muse for him.

preferable age: from 30 to 55

Looking for

I don't look at the way a person is dressed. Appearance is not important for me but details are. Eyesbut not the colorwhat is inside. I want to feel myself desired!!!! Lips.. not their form but their taste. And one shouldn't be a muscleman. I just need to know I'm in safe. I need the one who would be able to forgive and trust me. I need someone real who would not offend me, wouldn't make me suffer and won't hurt me! I like active and life-loving men with kindness and responsiveness in heart, unlimited charm and sincerity in eyes!!!

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