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ID: 002457
Age 22
Date of birth May 16, 1996
Residence Berdjansk, Ukraine
Height 164 sm - 5'0"
Weight 53 kg - 116.8 lb
Hair color Fair
Eye color Blue
Education University (unfinished)
Profession Teacher
English level Advanced
Zodiak Taurus
Marital status Never married
Children no

I am

What about my character? Well...By my nature I am calm and balanced person with really positive view on life. I believe that positive people like a magnet attracts the same surroundings. And that is why I am trying to smile no less than 100 times per day! Haha joke! But the truth is that I am trying to give all warmth of my heart to my dearest people and make their life bright and fool of positive emotions. I think that my strongest side is that I am supportive and understanding and I am always open for the dialog. I think that any misunderstanding or little quarrel can be solved just through sincere conversation.

preferable age: from 25 to 40

Looking for

Before I had started to fill this field, I asked myself: “What does each woman want from her beloved? And the answer was so simple – just to feel his love. And I am not exception. I am not looking for someone unreal. As each woman I want to see supportive, caring and kind man next to me. He do not need to have the same features of character as me, because not for nothing people say that “opposites are attracted” :). Everything what I am looking for in my future beloved is heart full of love, which he will be able to share with me. And I believe that one day I will find such man and I can promise that I will turn his life only to the bright side.


I think that each person have to have any hobby. There are so many things which can fulfill our free time. And since my childhood my choice has fallen to the drawing. From my point of view, if you want to be an artist you have to be a little psychologist, because you have to see the deepest sides of human’s soul and move them on the paper sheet. I am not the professional in this art, but I like to create something beautiful. I like to be creative in everything, not only in painting, even in cooking or any other thing that I begin to do. I can tell that making surprises for my darlings is also my hobby. So, honey, how do you thing can I surprise you by something?:)

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