How to start using the Elite-Bride.com?

Getting started with Elite-Bride.com is easy! If you are at least 18 years old, just go to the "Registration" and fill in the REGISTRATION tab. You receive an email with a link to confirm your account. Follow this link and start using Elite Bride.com. Registration is completely free of charge!

Create and publish your profile 100% FREE!

Browse and check all   ladies profiles     100% FREE!

Send "Flirt me" to ladies you like            100% FREE!

Purchase Credits on Elite-Bride.com

What is a credit?

Credit is virtual money on Elite-Bride.com.

Own Credits and enjoy all benefits of Elite-bride.com!

  • Write and send Messages to women.
  • Receive and read Messages from women.
  • NEW: Video Letters from women addressed personally YOU!
  • Chat with ladies you like.
  • Translation Service for FREE! Most women do not speak English and need the service of a translator. Therefore all women of Elite-Bride.com use the service of a local agency providing them with the Free access to the computer & internet and the service of translation. THE GOOD NEWS: The small prices you pay for just 10 Credits already cover the cost for the translator and other services! NO further payment required!


  •   20 credits  - $16

  •   40 credits  - $32

  •   80 credits  - $64

  • 160 credits  - $128 

  • 320 credits  - $256 

  • 500 credits  - $400 

How can I pay?

Elite-bride payments are processed by credit card for internet payment. We use the system MultiCards Merchants knowing like secure and safe payment system. Also you can buy credits through Western Union. 

Is my privacy protected?

Yes! Only ladies who are registered with Elite-Bride.com can see your profile.

May I send a letter to a lady without posting my photo on the Elite-Bride.com?

Yes, you may send a letter without posting your photo, but If you have not added your photo to your profile yet, we recommend adding at least one good photo! Members with photos will receive clearly more letters!

What is "Flirt with me"?

By clicking on the button “Flirt with Me” you automatically send notifications to a mailbox of the girl you like absolutely Free. Ladies also can send Flirt to you showing their interest. “Flirt with Me” is a great opportunity to start new relationships. It is Free of Charge!

If you still have questions, please contact our support staff.